Visiting an experienced gynecologist should be a part of every woman’s yearly routine. 我们的妇科医生精通妇女生殖健康的所有领域. 定期看妇科医生可以帮助你保持健康和积极主动.


我们的目标是提供可访问的, 在安全的地方为妇女提供全面的保健, comfortable environment and make each and every patient feel comfortable enough to discuss any 担忧.

Our gynecologists are incredibly knowledgeable about women’s health and recognize the individuality of each situation, 让他们有效地帮助每一位女性,满足她们的需求. 你是否需要手术或十大正规靠谱网投平台策略, 我们准备为您找到一个解决方案. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare for women of all ages — because taking care of yourself is important.


Many women might find themselves feeling nervous about scheduling an appointment with a gynecologist. But when you get to know more about gynecology, it begins to seem less intimidating. women face a variety of unique health issues throughout their lifetime and require different care along the way. 妇科医生能确保你的健康.


We offer a variety of women’s healthcare services here at AZGYN to ensure that your health is taken care of. 以下是我们的一些普通妇科和妇女保健十大正规靠谱网赌平台:


女性保健包括检查你的一般病史和性生活史, 初步检查, 可能的避孕咨询, 审查药物, 和更多的. 这是为了更好地了解你的健康状况以及如何照顾它. It’s similar to 初步检查, but it usually involves more in-depth examinations.


We also offer primary care for women, which are general services to stay up to date on your health.


Our team at AZGYN can provide you with counseling on contraception as well as help finding the best option that suits you and your lifestyle.


更年期对女性来说是一个全新的人生阶段. 在人生的这个新阶段,问题也随之而来, 担忧, 我们的更年期专家可以帮助你解决这些问题.


如果你正在经历异常出血, 不管是生理期还是生理期, it should be checked out immediately to identify a cause and treat it properly. Abnormal bleeding is often caused by other internal issues in the cervix or uterus.


尿失禁, 或者当你笑或咳嗽时无意中小便, 例如, 会由几种不同的因素引起吗. It’s best to get it checked out to see how you can best take care of it and treat it.


骨盆疼痛是许多女性的问题,尤其是随着年龄的增长. 如果你挣扎于骨盆疼痛,可能有潜在的原因. These causes can include musculoskeletal issues or reproductive tract issues. 不管原因是什么, our experienced gynecologists can help you get to the bottom of the problem and start relieving your pain.


Hormone replacement is a great method to help battle symptoms of menopause by giving your body the hormones it needs to 函数 properly. For example, the creation of estrogen in the body heavily decreases as menopause occurs. 正因为如此, hormone replacement with estrogen can help fight symptoms of menopause in many women.




Ovarian cysts are pockets that fill with fluid that form in or on a woman’s ovary. 如果不及时十大正规靠谱网投平台, 它们通常会引起健康并发症,比如疼痛, 体重增加, 月经不调, 和更多的. 卵巢囊肿在多囊卵巢综合征患者中也很常见.


子宫肌瘤是子宫的异常生长. Though they aren’t cancerous, they can cause painful, long periods, and other issues. 它们通常出现在妇女的生育年龄. 如果你在经期或性交时感到不正常的疼痛, 你应该找专业人士检查一下.


子宫内膜异位症是很痛苦的, chronic illness where the tissue that normally is lining the inside of the uterus is on the outside. Anyone with 子宫内膜异位 should have regular visits to a gynecologist in order to develop treatment strategies.


Prolapse can happen when the muscles inside the vagina are stretched or weakened over time. These muscles can be retrained or strengthened again over time, especially with the help of surgery.


Reproductive tract anomalies include structural issues as well as abnormal growths. Reproductive surgery can help to identify and remove anomalies in the reproductive tract that are causing issues. 虽然有时这些异常可能不会引起任何症状, 最好在它们长出来之前把它们去掉.


阴道有分泌物是正常的, sometimes it can signal that there is something wrong with the pH or internal health of a woman, 比如有酵母菌感染的时候.


盆腔感染可由多种细菌或感染引起. 常见的病因通常是衣原体或淋病, 这两种感染都是通过生殖器官进入的. 如果不及时十大正规靠谱网投平台, these diseases can worsen to pelvic infections and other issues.


性传播疾病是通过性交传播的疾病. Whether you want to be proactive by being tested or need treatment for an established STD, 我们经验丰富、富有同情心的妇科医生可以提供帮助.


Cosmetic 担忧 involve reconstruction and repair that can help improve the appearance, 函数, 有时甚至是阴道的敏感性.


性欲减退可以在任何时候发生. 但当它似乎没有消失时,可能就有问题了. 不要等着向我们信任的妇科医生寻求建议.


Painful sexual intercourse can often be the sign of underlying problems such as uterine fibroids, 子宫内膜异位, 卵巢囊肿, 和更多的.


Cervical dysplasia refers to abnormal, often precancerous, cells growing on the cervix. 处方药和手术都可以帮助十大正规靠谱网投平台发育不良. Our women’s health providers will know which option is best for your condition.


肿块可以是癌性的,也可以是非癌性的. 例如,息肉通常是非癌性的. Regardless, seeing a gynecologist will help to stay proactive on any masses that may be identified.


Laparoscopic abdominal cerclage is a highly effective, well-tolerated surgical treatment of patients with refractory cervical insufficiency or anatomic limitations to vaginal cerclage.


接种疫苗 are another part of women’s health services that we offer to help keep our patients as healthy as possible.


Our team can also examine breast masses or pain that you may be experiencing, 因为这些通常是乳腺癌的先兆.


在做任何减肥手术之前, a specialized diet will need to be created to keep you healthy and 函数ing properly – both before the surgery and after. Our women’s health providers can assist you in creating a plan that works for you.


We offer consultations for any of our exams and services so that our patients are comfortable. 我们希望帮助您找到最适合您的解决方案.


在AZGYN, 我们使用最新的技术, 信任的方法, 以及熟练的妇科医生进行外科手术:

  • 卵巢囊肿,子宫肌瘤,慢性盆腔疼痛
  • 绝育,阴道脱垂,阴道再造
  • 压力性尿失禁和宫颈发育不良
  • 子宫内膜异位症,子宫异常出血,生殖道异常


我们的目标是为所有妇女提供广泛、可获得的保健十大正规靠谱网赌平台. 无论你是在寻找初级保健还是生殖健康十大正规靠谱网赌平台, 我们的专业人员随时为您提供帮助.



回答: AZGYN is proud to extend a variety of our general services through telehealth. We can offer advice, support, and education through our online contact with patients. We understand just how complicated it may be right now to get to a women’s health provider in person. 如果你想 安排一次远程医疗访问 与我们.


回答: AZGYN在凤凰城和梅萨地区有多个地点. 找一个离你最近的,不要犹豫给我们打电话. 我们的办公地点包括:

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